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Do I need to book?

Yes. Times of lessons will depend on swimmers ability and availability in groups. When booking your child will be called in for a quick assessment to help determine which group they will be best suited to.

Do I need to book for the whole term?

Yes. For all children's lessons you must sign up for the whole term. Dates are given out in advance. This ensures regular attendance, which will guarantee to help your child's progression. For adult lessons you can sign up on a pay as you go basis or a termly booking. 

Do I need to pay in advance?

You must pay a deposit when making the booking to secure your place. The final balance will be due at an agreed date near the start of the term.

Do I have to get in the water with my child?

No. For beginner lessons the teacher will be in the water.

Can I stay on poolside and watch my child's swimming lesson?

Yes. We have an area at the end of the swimming pool for you to sit on, however we do ask that during your child's lesson you stay seated and do not go over, as this will be distracting for them and make it harder for the teacher to make a good rapport with your child.

What do I need to bring with me for my lesson?

Towel, Swimming Hat, Swimming Costume/Trunks. No bikinis or tankinis are allowed, we do ask for suitable swimming trunks for boys, no baggy surfer trunks as these only cause drag in the water and make it harder to swim! Goggles are optional. 

What happens if I miss a class?

Unfortunately no refund or extra lesson can be given.

How long will it take my child to learn to swim?

Everyone develops differently which completely depends on their skills and experience. Some children are more naturally comfortable and confident in the water so will progress faster. Other children can be slower to learn new skills, but can quite often become stronger more proficient swimmers as they progress. The most important factor is that each child learns to swim at their own pace and enjoys the lessons. Our teachers continually assess the children every lesson and will make sure each child is achieving their full potential. 

How long do lessons last?

Lessons last 30 minutes. This includes a warm up, a main theme and a contrasting activity at the end. 

What should I do if my child cries?

Our teachers have a lot experience in knowing how to help a child when they are crying in the water, your child is in very good hands! As a parent there are a few things you can do to help support your child to prevent this:

  1. Inform your child what is going to happen e.g they are having a swimming lesson for 30 minutes. Reassure them that the teacher will be there to support them the whole time and that there will be other children in the class.

  2. Visit the pool before your first lesson, this way your child will be more familiar with it and know what to expect.

  3. If you can take your child swimming yourself and play games together, this way your child will associate the water with fun and enjoyment​.

  4. Be positive about the lessons, tell them how much fun they're going to have, give as much encouragement as you can.

During the lesson try to make minimal eye contact with your child as this will help the teacher build a good rapport with your child. If you have constant eye contact you will find that your child will be paying more attention to you than the teacher and then this will make it harder for your child to progress. Of course we understand that as a parent this can be very hard, but it does work and you will see your child smiling and laughing in no time at all as soon as they start to listen and concentrate on the teacher. ​

If the information you require isn't here please look at the terms and conditions page of this website or email

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